About The Mohawk Valley Frontiers

Mohawk Valley Club [Chartered 1971]

Post Office Box 712

Utica, New York 13503



U’nice Elliott-Jefferson – President

Nathaniel Price – 1st Vice President 

Darlene Mack-Brown – 2nd Vice President


Dietra Harvey – Secretary

Samuel Campbell – Treasurer

Jennifer Hurley – Asst. Treasurer

Olivia Paul – Chaplin

Dawn Laguerre – Asst. Chaplin


Members at Large:

Jawwaad Rasheed –( Immediate Past President)

David Smith

Patricia Frazier



Dr. Barbara Scantlebury *

Craig Minor Sr.

Earl Crawford

Mary Brown-Depass *

Ronald Rhodes *

Michelle Dawn Laguerre 

Jennifer Hurley *

James Paul

Olivia Paul

Patricia A. Frazier

Dr. Shanelle Dawson*

Langston Leslie

Nate Price *

Juanita Mitchell*

Andrew Mitchell*

L. Rich Davis

Pooja Evans

Robert Evans Jr.


Honorary Members



* individuals not pictured in photo


Frontiers International Inc. is a national, nonprofit, nonsectarian, service organization. Its members, called "Yokefellows", include men and women from all segments of our communities: professional, business, religious, political, educational and lay leaders. Each provides many hours of volunteer service through their local clubs.


The "Mohawk Valley Frontiers" have been recognized in the Utica-Rome community for over 35 years. The local chapter has one business meeting monthly to review the status of our community service projects, consider new endeavors and discuss the well being of the membership. The Mohawk Valley Frontiers also has a dinner meeting generally once a month to which its membership and guests are invited to share their ideas with our club.


Frontiers International Inc's national headquarters is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In addition to managing the administrative  affairs of the national body, the headquarters’ staff provides a variety of administrative supports and program assistance to local clubs. Frontiers are organized to provide maximum flexibility to local clubs in both administrative and program matters. It does maintain a core of basic programs in which all local clubs participate.

The Program

Both the national body and local clubs initiate community service programs and other charitable activities. Annually, the National Convention provides a forum for information exchange about exemplary local programs, evaluations of existing programs, and the launching of new national programs.


Each local club designs and implements programs for its own community’s needs. Local Club charitable activities are supported by dues, and events such as the MLK luncheon, and the MVF annual golf tournament.


Frontiers of America was Founded in Columbus, Ohio on November 10, 1936 by Nimrod B. Allen. Frontiers International Inc. was incorporated in Ohio on December 24, 1938. Although there were other active civic leadership organizations  in  the  United States, at that time, they restricted their membership to men of certain racial and ethnic backgrounds and economic levels. The organization was formed to provide those men of varied backgrounds an opportunity to offer community leadership and community service. Today, more than 50 years later, Frontiers is providing this opportunity in over forty cities throughout the United States of America.